Allan Chimbetu opens up

Sunday 21st April, 2013 on The Sunday Mail

Alan Chimbetu Prince Mushawevato When surviving Dendera music supremo Allan Chimbetu “ditched” his group the Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) last year for Suluman Chimbetu’s Orchestra Dendera Kings, many were left with questions rather than answers. The biggest question was why he had left his throne to become a “servant” in Sulu’s kingdom. Speculation was rife, but the motive behind the move was never really established.

One of the theories formulated was that Allan could no longer handle the pressures, including a waning of fortunes, caused by the rise of Tryson and Sulumani. Others contended that Allan had been a victim of a coup d’etat by his son Douglas, who is now at the helm of the group (Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee)).

But 12 months later, after impressive service in the Orchestra Dendera Kings, Allan has opened up, albeit reluctantly, on why he made the move.“I know a lot has been said about my move to the Orchestra Dendera Kings led by Sulu. The Dendera father figure said founding principles and visions for the genre, as expounded and desired by the late maestro Simon, prompted him to rejoin Sulu.“Simon had a greater and encompassing vision and what we were doing surely made him turn in his grave,” said Allan.

Bickering and contests of who was the best reigned supreme before Allan rejoined Sulu, causing tension between “father” and “son”. The rise and success of other groups and average delivery from the Dendera camps then rankled and forced Allan to take drastic measures.

“I have no regrets whatsoever for the so-called ‘abandoning’ of my group (Orchestra Dendera Kings Central Committee), which I shared with my son.“The thing is after seeing what others were doing and where we were, compared to my late brother’s dream, I realised the importance of a united Dendera. Our feuds were against the views and principles of the Dendera founders,” explained Allan.

With his son Douglas having fast become his own man and eager to leave the cradle to cut his teeth in the industry, Allan said, it made no musical sense to have yet another Dendera outfit, in addition to those already in existence.

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