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Parly, the inspector that needs inspection

Main Topix: Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust Mr John Makamure - National Assembly Cde Joram Gumbo
Kuda Bwititi A fortnight ago, newly elected Members of Parliament were sworn into the august House to herald the coming of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe. With the Official Opening of Parliament now set to take place this Tuesday, the focus has now switched to ensuring that the august House, which, with 350 legislators, comprises the highest number of legislators in the history of the country, executes its mandate with diligence. Indeed, one of the roles of Parliament is to scrutinise the functions of Government ministries and be an inspector of governance issues. It, however, goes without saying that Parliament itself needs to be scrutinised and brought into line to avoid the “harum-scarum” that was sometimes evident amongst members in the Seventh Parliament. The crop of legislators who made it into the august House will be under the spotlight as they are expected to perform better than their predecessors who received much flak for their mediocrity and failure to make use of the full functions of the Legislature, which are to legislate, to perform an oversight role on the Executive,...

Editorial Comment: Spare a thought for makorokoza

Shelly Ncube (26) from Bulawayo and Nkayi respectively were convicted on their own plea of guilty to possessing gold valued at US$1 in terms of Section 3 (1) of the Gold Trade Act Chapter 21:03 which criminalises the possession of gold without a licence or permission. The court heard that on June 26 at about 11pm police detectives from Bulawayo’s Minerals Unit were at Mkombe Complex at Tsholotsho Business Centre when they received information to the effect that the two men were gold dealers in possession of the precious mineral. Acting on a tip-off, police swiftly approached Mthunzi and searched him. He was found with gold worth US$1 which he intended to sell and he implicated Ncube, leading to their arrest. In what was a clearly agonising trial for everyone in that courtroom, the Lupane resident magistrate, Mr Abednico Madzorera, said although the gold was worth a “paltry” US$1, he had no option but to slap them with the mandatory jail term for anyone found illegally dealing in the precious mineral. Reading the story, you felt sorry for both the...