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Not all borehole water is safe: experts

Main Topix: Ministry Of Health And Child Welfare - Zimbabwe National Water Authority
RESIDENTS must ensure that new water sources are tested and analysed first before the water is used for domestic purposes to avoid contracting diseases, a senior government officia

Questionable water brands still selling

Main Topix: Standards Association Of Zimbabwe - Standards Advisory Board
Uncertified brands of bottled water will continue to flood the market as the authorities responsible for taking them off the shelves are struggling to carry out their mandate due t
  • Sokwanele
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'We are still relevant'

Last week, Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in celebrating Customer Service Week. The service industry has become a key sector to various economies, and customer service has b

Concern over food imports

LACK of latest technology to test ingredients in foodstuffs might be exposing Zimbabweans to contaminated products which are finding their way into the country, an expert has said.

Zim bottled water selling in Botswana

Bottled water which was recently condemned as unfit for human consumption, has found its way into Botswana’s market where reports say it goes for between 6 and 7 pula per bottle.

Consumers fume over bottled water saga

NEWSDAY readers have commended the Government Analyst Laboratory, which tested and condemned some brands of bottled water, for doing a sterling job. Angry readers, reacting to the

Bottled water saga: Companies hit back

WATER bottlers whose products were condemned by the Government Analyst Laboratory as unfit for human consumption have questioned the credibility of the laboratory. The government l

Bottled water expose opens pandora's box

THERE has been a public outcry against local water bottlers following an investigative report published by NewsDay on Saturday exposing unscrupulous bottlers selling contaminated w

Multimedia:Bottled water scandal exposed

GRAPH22NewsDay has uncovered a possible scandal where suppliers of bottled water are selling contaminated water, which, according to the Government Analyst Laboratory, is unfit for human