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Through the Wire: Pamire, Makamba and Gono jingles for Grace Mugabe

Gideon Gono And Grace MugabeEven though President Robert Mugabe was banging his secretary Grace Marufu while his wife Sally was dying of a kidney ailment that has not stopped his Zanu PF party running campaign ads attacking rival Morgan Tsvangirai for getting a 21 year old woman pre

Mugabe told Sally about affair with Grace

Robert And Sally MugabePresident Robert Mugabe has sought to explain the fact that he cheated on his dying wife Sally Mugabe by having an affair with his then secretary Grace Marufu. Mugabe later married his mistress in 1996, making her First Lady. In an interview with South Af

Mugabe castigates promiscuous men

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe (L) Kisses His Mistress Turned Wife Grace As He Arrives To Attend His Country's 33rd Independence Celebrations At The National Sports Stadium In Harare, April 18, 2013MUTARE – President Robert Mugabe has castigated promiscuous men for fuelling the increasing number of divorce cases in the country, saying their behaviour is detrimental to the nation. Speaking at the third Zimbabwe Local Government Association (Zil