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All set for World Festival of Children

Raising The Zimbabwe Flag High . . . The Chipawo Team In Germany Raising the Zimbabwe flag high . Swagga T in Germany All is set for the 13th edition of the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Lingen, Germany, with Zimbabwe representative Children’s Performing Arts Workshop (Chipawo) scheduled to perform tomorrow afternoon.

Toll gates fee fight political mischief

THE tollgate court interdict application by Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyers Association (ZHRLA) was simply a heap of a dog’s breakfast which the no-nonsense judge rightly dismissed in haste for lack of merit.

Police probe death at Magaya's church

Police have launched investigations into the death of a baby at Prophet Walter Magaya’s church last week.

Magaya faces murder charge

Main Topix: Heneriatta Rushwaya And Walter Muzembi - United Family International Church
PROPHETIC Healing Deliverance (PHD) leader Walter Magaya has been sucked into a suspected murder case after a Dotito woman claimed that her seven-week-old baby boy died under mysterious circumstances at the cleric’s church service in Harare last week, police confirmed yesterday.

Chipawo children for Germany festival

FIFTEEN teenagers from different Children’s Performing Arts Workshop (Chipawo) centres have been invited to perform at the13th edition of the World Festival of Children’s Trust to be held from July 23 to August 11 in Lingen Germany.

Seunononga star Guspy Warrior to embark on national tour

Dancehall artiste Guspy Warrior, famous for his hit Senunononga, has embarked on a national tour as an initiative to reach out to other cities.

35 bodies exhumed in mineshaft

Cletus Mushanawani in Mutare At least 35 bodies believed to be of liberation war fighters who were brutally murdered by Rhodesian forces have been exhumed at Guinea Fowl Gold Mine on the foot of Chiremba Mountain at Old Mutare.

Zanu PF wades into teachers storm

ZANU PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday waded into the controversy over the employment of non-Ndebele speaking teachers in Matabeleland saying the practice was destroying the children’s future.
Hope for Byo   The Sunday News

War through the eyes of a herd boy

Ignatius Mabasa Correspondent Someone once said, “It is well that war is terrible, or we should get too fond of it.” During the liberation war, in the Chesa area of Mt Darwin where I grew up, I hated being relegated to looking after cattle while my cousins were active mujibhas and chimbwidos.