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Prophet Angel predicts Chelsea victory

HARARE - Celebrity preacher Prophet Uebert Angel last Sunday prophesied correctly that English Premiership giants, Liverpool would lose to Chelsea in their crucial league match. Hours before the match kicked off, Angel stood before thousands attending his congregation and more on his Miracle TV and gave the exact match result of the titanic match. With the Daily News reporters in attendance, Angel, clad in African attire, stunned the congregation when he said Chelsea were going to defy odds and beat Liverpool by a two-goal margin. Chelsea, under the guidance of controversial Portuguese mentor, Jose Mourinho won the match 2-0 to throw the Premiership race wide open. Angel, who is regarded as the pioneer of prophesies in southern Africa, sent the huge congregation into silence as few people gave Chelsea a chance. Congregants including the Daily News crew were shocked by the prophesy to the extent that they had to sit through the entire service to see if this was going to be a humiliating outcome for Angel in the event of a Liverpool win. In the wake of Angel suing...

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Prophets, Profits And The Bible In Zimbabwe

A controversial research paper has been published by the German University of Bamberg, on the rise of prophecy driven Christianity in Zimbabwe. The detailed study written by scholar Aynos Masotcha Moyo and edited by Ezra Chitando, Masiiwa Ragies Gunda, & Joachim Kügler, reveals that Zimbabwe’s rising prophecy culture began around the year 2009 through a number of young, vibrant preachers. Dubbed: “ ,” it tackles subjects such as “THE RISE OF WHITE COLLAR PROPHECY IN ZIMBABWE, THE “MAN OF GOD”, and PROPHECY IN AN AFRICAN CONTEXT. While the authenticity and veracity of the Bible is roundly questioned in academic circles, African manifestations of Christianity (barring a few exceptions that disregard the Bible as being “stale food” such as the Johane Masowe groups (Engelke 2004)) has been thoroughly and extensively “biblical.” Most African Christians take their Bible seriously as the be-all in terms of deciding what they should do as Christians, if not in their actual daily lives then at least in public discussions. Biblical examples and injunctions are therefore actively sought to justify and rationalize what to do, how to...

Angel suit: SuperSport bank on Liverpool

Main Topix: Nemukuyu Harare Bureau SOUTH African - High Court Of Zimbabwe
Daniel Nemukuyu Harare Bureau SOUTH African sports channel SuperSport is banking on Liverpool to win the English Premier League title, claiming that would void a $1,5 million lawsuit filed by Prophet Uebert Angel of the Spirit Embassy.In December last year, SuperSport published on its website what it claimed was a prophecy by Angel in which he said God had shown him that Liverpool — then tied on points at the top with Arsenal — would be the 2013/14 league winners. Angel denies ever making the prophecy, and his lawyers have filed a defamation claim at the Harare High Court demanding $1,5 million. SuperSport, defending, admit Prophet Angel never made the said prophecy, but insist the lawsuit is premature as Liverpool may yet clinch the league title — whether or not Angel made the alleged prophecy. “SuperSport admit that the words quoted were published, but continue to deny that they were defamatory and point out that the event predicted has not as yet transpired so as to make it impossible to state whether or not such words are false,” said SuperSport’s...

Lawyer speaks on Angel's football prophecy

HARARE - South African broadcaster SuperSport has filed an application against a $1,5 million lawsuit launched by Spirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel. Angel’s lawyer, Tinashe Tanyanyiwa of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners said: “Whilst the matter is sub judice we can confirm that SuperSport has filed their plea. In the past Angel has been quoted as saying:  “I never PROPHESIED Liverpool winning any cup. Don’t know where SuperSport got it from. In an interview with Nehanda Radio on January 1, 2014,  Angel said “This is a typical case of news agents mixing truth and a lie so it sounds believable but as Christians let’s hold on to the truth only. We love you all and Jesus loves you more. The lawsuit by Uebert Angel Mudzanire is a scare tactic. People will never be silenced, Mudzanire. The man of God said it before on the 1st of January 2014 that he did not prophesy anything about Liverpool and even if they win the man of God has nothing to do with it. This is not about Liverpool winning or...
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    Zimbabwean Prophets Using Violent Pop Culture To 'Sell' Christianity

Lawyer speaks on Angel’s football prophecy

Main Topix: Gideon Gono And Agriculture Minister Joseph Made - National Indigenisation And Empowerment Board
HARARE – South African broadcaster SuperSport has filed an application against a $1,5 million lawsuit launched by Spirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel. The broadcaster carried a story on their website at the end of December last year claiming that Angel had made a prophecy that Liverpool will win the 2013/2014 English Premiership title. Currently, the 18-time English champions lead the log standings by two points with four games to go before the season ends and are hot favourites to lift the title for the first time in 24 years. There has been confusion as to whether Angel will now change the prophecy to say Liverpool will win but his lawyer told the Daily News yesterday that the Spirit Embassy leader had never made such a prophecy in the first place. Angel’s lawyer, Tinashe Tanyanyiwa of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners said: “Whilst the matter is sub judice we can confirm that SuperSport has filed their plea. “Our client’s position is and has always been that he never made the prophecy and whether Liverpool go on to win the...

Prophet Angel says he is Zimbabwe's most educated pastor

Main Topix: WARN NIGERIANS OF IMPENDING DOOM - Synagogue Church Of All Nations
We played we wedding songs, you did not dance. We played funeral songs you did not moan. May Jesus open our ears and our eyes to see demonstration of God's word through Uebert Angel. To write about someone's wealth means you also want to be wealth....
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    Through the Wire: Welcome to church, leave your brains outside

Through the Wire: Welcome to church, leave your brains outside

Main Topix: Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi And Giles Mutsekwa And Defense Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa - Buhera West And Minister Of Constitutional Affairs Eric Matinenga
Vice President Mujuru, Apostolic Faith Church’s Bishop Mika Mutungamidzwa And Media, Information And Publicity Minister Cde Webster Shamu Share A Lighter Moment At The Official Opening Of An AFC Church Building In Mhondoro YesterdayVice President Joice Mujuru provided some overdue comic relief over the weekend when she bizarrely declared that President Robert Mugabe was anointed by God to lead Zimbabwe at the age of 10 years and those fighting to replace him are wasting their time. Vice-President Mujuru, Apostolic Faith Church’s Bishop Mika Mutungamidzwa and Media, Information and Publicity Minister Cde Webster Shamu share a lighter moment at the official opening of an AFC church building in Mhondoro. “It was prophesied way back in 1934, when he was only 10 years old, that he was going to lead this country. How can a normal person challenge such a leader?” she said. Unfortunately Mujuru was not kind enough to share with us who had made this prophecy, but we are guessing maybe it was ‘Bishop’ Nolbert Kunonga. This would probably explain Zanu PF’s disastrous support of the man who locked out thousands of Anglican parishioners from their churches for over 5 years. This week I had to share a picture that I was tagged in on twitter. I will agree it is a bit...
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Zimbabwean Prophets Using Violent Pop Culture To 'Sell' Christianity

Main Topix: Prophets Yasmin And Passion Java - World Wrestling Entertainment
Prophetess Yasmin JavaBut in this instance, it stands for World Wide Evangelism. As the prophets minister in the foreground, one sees The Rock and John Cena, popular wrestling characters looking on menacingly in the background of the poster. The wrestling theme is taken further with the R.A.W acronym – popularised again through WWE – appearing at the bottom of the poster. But of course in this instance, it stands for Revealing Appointed Word’. Even the logo of the WWE franchise appears in the poster, which makes the whole association between pugilism and piety more confusing, at least to me. Why would religious leaders want to use violent popular culture to convey a message of peace? Well, the ordinary observer wouldn’t get all this context just by looking at the poster. Personally, I feel that the logic behind all this is that such messaging is tailored to haul in the ‘faithless’ by appealing to their ‘worldliness’; that is, their ‘ravenous appetite for evil’ as shown through their addiction to wrestling and other pursuits . I find the whole conceptualisation behind this problematic; and...

Prophet Angel Sues Supersport for US $1,5 Million

Main Topix: Liverpool Football Club - Multichoice Zimbabwe
Prophet Angel Sues Supersport For US $1,5 MillionSpirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel has slapped South African media company SuperSport with a US$1,5 million lawsuit over an article published on the firm’s website predicting Liverpool Football Club as this year’s winner of the English Premiership League title. Prophet Angel’s standing in society as a religious leader, according to the court papers, derives its foundations on the visions he receives from God and attributing to him prophecies he did not make has an effect of demeaning him. It is argued that Prophet Angel might lose his followers as a result of the “false” story. Prophet Angel, in the summons, cited SuperSport and the owners –MIH Group — as defendants. The summons were served on SuperSport’s agent in Zimbabwe, Skynet (Pvt) Ltd, which trades as Multichoice Zimbabwe. Although the defendants are foreign entities, Prophet Angel’s lawyers argue that the High Court has jurisdiction to preside over the case....

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Zim 'prophet' sues SuperSport   Eye Witness News

Prophet Angel suing SuperSport over alleged prediction

Main Topix: Prophet Angel And Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa - Finance Minister Tendai Biti
A controversial religious leader from Zimbabwe is once again in the headlines, this time for suing a sports company that published a report claiming he had predicted the English team Liverpool would win the Premiership title this season. Prophet Uebert Angel, the popular so-called spirit preacher and founder of Spirit Embassy Church in Zimbabwe, has reportedly sued SuperSport for $1.5 million, insisting he never made the prediction and the report was therefore defamatory. The article at the centre of the row, which was published in late December 2013, is no longer available on the SuperSport website. But according to a report on the AllAfrica.com news site, Prophet Angel claims the article “has put his reputation in jeopardy”, and he “risks losing followers as a result”. Liverpool last won the English title in 1990, just before the Premiership title was established and are currently one of the top four teams battling for the title. They were once a force to be reckoned with, having won the English league title 18 times. Prophet Angel is himself no stranger to headlines. Last month...